Display and analyse atomistic simulations

AtomViewer is a visualization and analysis tool for atomistic simulations, primarily molecular dynamics simulations.
By characterization of the atomic configuration it can display or filter certain atoms, making crystal structures or other properties visible. Plastic deformation in crystalline solids are mainly related to the creation and movement of dislocations. These entities are not directly part of atomistic simulations, but instead they need to be extracted from the atomistic configuration. The detection and characterization of dislocations and their Burgers vector is one of the main features of AtomViewer, since it includes reference implementations for the dislocation network detection and classification methods as published by Begau et al. (1,2).

AtomViewer is open source and available free of charge under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL)



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System requirements
AtomViewer is cross-plattform software and should run on many different plattforms as long as the following requirements are fullfilled



The archive contains libraries for all supported plattforms.
AtomViewer is started by executing the scripts AtomViewer.bat (Windows) or (Linux, Mac).
AtomViewers sources are embedded into the file "AtomViewer.jar"
The most current versions are available on Github. Sources can be compiled using the included ant-build script.

Version 2.1 (January 23rd, 2015)
Atom Viewer 2.1

Developer build of Version 3 (March 13th, 2016)
Atom Viewer 3.0 preview

The developer version of an upcoming release that will include several major updates on AtomViewer. The jar file is compatible with the release 2.1. Replace the file "AtomViewer.jar" in AtomViewer's directory with this one to update. Although still under development, this is the recommend version of AtomViewer. Feature requests or recommendations are welcome to improve the usability.
Currently the following features are planned for the next version.
Old versions
Atom Viewer 1.2 final (Last build supporting OpenGL 2.0, released November 21th, 2013)

Literature and references



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