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3rd German-Russian-Swedish Workshop on
Ordering and Dynamics in Magnetic Nanostructures
15th-17th of September 2014
Schloß Maurach, Germany




The third workshop on the topic “Ordering and Dynamics in Magnetic Nanostructures” will take place at the Schloß Maurach on the shore of Lake Constance (Germany). Two independent binational collaborations (Swedish-Russian and German-Russian), funded by the respective national science foundations, were combined to organize one annual joined workshop. The first one was held from 6.-9. June 2012 in Pushkin (Russia), the second one from 16.-18. September 2013 in Uppsala/Odalgarden (Sweden). These workshops aim at the exchange of results, experiences, and ideas at the forefront of one of the most active and fascinating topics in condensed matter physics: Ordering and Dynamics in Magnetic Nanostructures, including magnetic domain wall motion, spin dynamics, spin calorics, spin ice, spin orbit effect, magneto-transport properties, magnonics, and skyrmions. To stimulate the discussions among the small group of participants, special emphasis has been put on the selection of locations that provide the proper atmosphere for a scientific discourse from which beginners and experts should benefit.